Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sound geography of mouth for Sanskrit

Guttaral - throat
Palatal - tip of tongue, touching palate
Lingual - tongue
Teeth - Dental
Labial - Lips

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Avidya means spiritual ignorance - vidya means clarity or insight or
knowledge or spiritual awareness -"learning" I believe is slightly different
- in that learning can lead to clarity - but it can also prevent it too -
learning is actually "shikShate" in sanskrit - though a "vidyaalayaH" is a
school - I suppose there are fine lines between thse things. But they way I
see it is that avidya is the source of all pain and illusion and vidya is
the light of intelligence - though I am not sure if it can be learned - I
feel it is THERE - but avidya clouds it - so it can but be discovered by
dropping all that is irrelevant and meaningless (and often that just amounts
to educated ignorance). Hence, why the wisest people do not seem to get bound
up too much in the business of learning....The routine form of learning is deadly. The learning through insight and awareness however, if life affirming and crucial to building what you are.